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Ruby Drops 

Reflections of a Rainbow of Ripples

Cover - Back and Front of Ruby Drops

An anthology of Poems. They are cries of soul and happiness that dropped from eyes as tears. They are witness to a flight of freedom and testimony of shackles. Life is but a rainbow, made of smile and tears, so is the Ruby Drops.  This book is special because it is a true testimony of struggle, and net profit from this book goes toward charity to help prevent Depression and relapse. All proceeding from this book goes to RandomActs

Rubaisha – Story of Unrealized Love

Rubaisha is the first of The Time Trilogy.  The story revolves around love and passion, but, it is not a love story. It is a story of passion, ambition and survival. 
The story unfolds in two time period. A story is based on present time and the other is based on ancient Egypt. The story begins with two friends Angela and Andrew planning to go on vacation to Egypt. Angela’s father is a historian who wanted to discover the historic remains of ‘Queen Rubaisha’ who was ever present in folklores, but not a shred of historic proof was found. Rubaisha seemed to be erased deliberately from history. When Angela and Andrew reached Egypt, they find him murder. As they tried to inquire the truth behind the murder, unexplained things started happening.
Rubaisha’s passion kept her alive even after her death. Time and destiny of these three individuals get interlinked. As the story unfolds, we see murder, curses and tales of untold love.
The story travels to the past, where we witness life in ancient Egypt. We see the political power play. We see cover ups and double crossings as power shifts from one person to another.
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  • I have had ordered paperback from the publisher’s site directly. I was looking for a light read, I did not expect a lot form this novella since it was a debut novella. I must say, the novella was terrific. The visualization was very good. I could almost quote this novella for an example of LEAN – No fat, no unnecessary drama or emotions or twists. But the depth of characters was amazing. Equally amazing was that such complex characters were presented in uncomplicated way, which made my Weekend read special. This is 1st of The Time Trilogy, wonder what the second book would hold. Reading this novella, stimulates mind to ask more question, to read in between lines and search for more back stories. I hope there would be some books exploring the un-explained part of the story
  • There are only a few books that make you hold your breath and brace yourselves for the next scene. Rubaisha is one of the uncanny novels which succeeds in achieving both of these. An enthralling experience !
  • Love it. Wow! An emotional survivor’s tale. From ancient Egypt to present day. Smooth transition. Want to see more titles from this author.
  • A Queen who wanted to live forever in hearts of her people was forgotten by History. Irony of life. It was an interesting novella, with characters that can be related to real life men and women today. Easy to read, but the characters and story keeps haunting the mind. It is a nice tapestry of simplicity and complexity. Should be a best seller.
  • On Goodreads – I only need two words for this book: “great book”. In really like this book. This is a great way to write a book. I know this book is published by the writer and I really think that a publisher should publish this book.
    It ‘s reads like a historical book with some romance in it
  • This novella is like an iceberg. There is a lot underneath the waters, which shows the depth of the characters.
    The characters are not typical black or white as we find in fantasy fiction. The characters are so real, this complexity was nicely balanced with the easy and free flow narrative. I enjoyed reading Rubaisha. Rubaisha is such kind of book that be easily transformed in TV series or movie. I would love to see it on screen, size does not matter. It has all the elements of a nice TV series or a movie.

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