Use of Statistics & Analysis in Real Life

Use of Statistics & Analysis in Real Life

when we take a mental note of a brand that has the same quality but is priced higher, what are we doing? We are deducing after we had taken the input from our past experiences, in technical terms from historic data, we have categorized the brand in the bucket of similar type of quality, we have normalized the data by removing the price surge in some extraordinary situations and then we have analyzed the data and based our action on the result we derived. We used statistics and analysis. We always do it, just that at times, we are not aware of it. Statistics and Analysis is not limited to #Corporates or Classrooms. They are extensively used in Real Life to reduce the #cost of #incorrect decisions, #Gaps in the #Process and to #improve the #Quality of #life.

Use of Statistics in Literature

In words of #Rudyard #Kipling, “Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”. Some time ago, Literature and Statistics were considered as such a twins who would never meet. Right side of the brain for logical matters such as in science, mathematics and statistics while left handled creativity and the arts. Evolving world has now fot these twins to meet. Statistics is now used to measure the effectiveness of emotions is a writing and the acceptibility of a piece of literature. This page is for people like me, who love statistics and novels with same intensity.

Down we go the rabbit hole with 85% probability of emerging saner and wiser.

Statistics Lower the Grade better it is!?!


As a novice,  I thought use of tongue twister vocabulary and colorful language which will prompt a reader to refer to a dictionary in every two sentence was the key to be a best seller write. How wrong I was? It took me by surprize that lower the grade better it is. This is something every person who wants to be a writer must read. Read More

 Numbers Do Not Lie

It all started with my #obsession to find if my writing was good enough for me to approoach amy publisher. Of course, I never had a mentor or could hire a top class editor. I had #statistic I could bet my life onfor I know Numbers Do Not Lie.  The first version is for Poetry. You can have this #Excel sheet for #free. All you need to do is, leave a Review for #RubyDrops or #Rubaisha on #Amazon and #GoodReads and email me a snapshot ( . In Return email, you will get this Excel Self Driven Sheet. Read More

Gunning Fog Index

Once an #Analyst Always an Analyst. I believe that anything literature can be explained with numbers with 85% accuracy. That is what #GunningFoxIndex tells GunningFogIndexus. The fog index is commonly used to confirm that text can be read easily by the intended audience. Texts for a wide audience generally need a fog index less than 12. Texts requiring near-universal understanding generally need an index less than 8 (which is 8th grade, and 9 is school freshman).

The #Macro Driven #Excel tool that I created Analyses your anthology of poems and interpretes it in simple language like: “Your Work Ruby Drops falls within the accepted pararmeters of 15.9 & 6.2 wrt to the work of these poets. 33% of the great work has greater reading difficulty than Ruby Drops While average reading ease of these writers is 11.05, 80% of writers have a target Gunning Fog index of reading ease of about 10.34″. Read More


Analysis From As Is to POA 


From Grant Dependent to Profit Center

Educational Institutes mainly thrived on Grants. As the competition grew and market conditions became difficult, grants are becoming stringent. Emphasis is on reducing grants. In such scenario, the way out is through it. The Grant Dependent Set-Ups are to be steered to be a profit center. It is rather heartening to note that turning such set up to profit center is not an impossible task. It takes Top Down and Bottom Up Approach and at times, a mix of both with a strong #Leadership to team to turn the tides.  A case Study on British Council

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Create an algorithm to #index things in life so that you don't have to #sort yourself all the time. #ProjectManagement of #Life~K S Alok RanjanSource: www.alok.worldTweet