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Management of Life at Work

I was not at all prepared when I entered the Corporate World…. I had absolutely no knowledge of the world. The interview was nothing more than a game. I had just happened to be intrigued by the word Walk-In, I walked-in the Interview and came out with a job, I had no idea what Call Center was. That was the first step. Along the way, I learnt a lot, I had some of the great mentors and peers. The best way to learn is to share. My learning did not stop. This section is targeted towards the better management of life at work. From quick tips to behavior, I have tried to touch anything and everything that touched my heart and was within the #scope .

Episode 1: 

Are You The Jerry Maguire?


I always was fascinated by those heroes, who worked in shadows.  They are the ones who enable the “Doer”. They are the “Enablers”, who have paved the way for the champions. There are people and then there are #support people. People, who make all the difference between success and defeat. People who support you in your decision, who help you to reach the right one and be your honest mirror. A tribute to those thousands of selfless souls who work behind the curtains to bring you the #success.

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Episode 2: 

Goal Settinggoal

We often set goals in personal and professional lives. Be it our plan for the weekend, taking the project to the next phase. We knowingly or unknowingly get the Goal when we start planning. The failure of any task is ensured if the first step taken is incorrect or is in a wrong direction. What I am implying is that the probability of  failure is increased, if the Goals are not set correctly.

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The basic difference between a #leader and a #mentor is a leader is supposed to make your life easy, very easy. #ProjectManagement of #Life~K S Alok RanjanSource: www.alok.worldTweet