Create PACE

Create PACE in your Work life

There are little things that we do subconsciously that either increase the time taken to complete a task or decrease it drastically. Have you ever wondered why listening to a particular kind of music at works makes your day easier while another set of songs that you love increase the error in your work.

These are little day to day activity that we to look at to improve your efficiency & productivity without you putting an extra effort and the cherry on the cake is you can implement it right from this moment. Quick fix while they sound Generic are Customized tips that make your work life easier and channelizes your potential towards your goals. And that is what Create PACE is all about.



Episode 1: 

Win Weekday Work1

Everybody hates #MondayBlues and prays for #Friday. I just stopped to think, maybe the answer to avoid Monday blues  is actually very simple. A simple 4 pager on Workday Management. Effective Way to Beat the Monday Blues to Pending Work. It ensures a smooth sail through the week to Smoothly Sail Through the Week at Work. Let me give you a sneek a peek. Have a Weekly Affair ….  The Rules to Win Over Your Date is Easy.


Have a Wonderful & Exciting 5 Days:

KISS Mondays
TOUCH Tuesdays
SMILE Wednesdays
DANCE Thursdays

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Episode 2: 

Select the Role of the Lifetime

As we step onto the stage of our professional lives, we often are handed down a script. While few of us feel extremely easy and take it in their stride naturally, few of us struggle and few of us find it hard to carry on. While all of these people may be equally talented, there is no way each of them will find the roles as easy as the other one. Where is the mismatch? It is not a question of skill or will. It is may be an incorrect selection of the role. Select Your Role
– Your Role can get you Boos at Rotten Tomatoes or an Oscar in your professional place. Chose the role that fits you. Not everybody is cut out for the role that will take you to the red carpet.

To be the King or King Maker?

Who are you most suited to play – Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Capt. America, Hawk Eye, Vision, Dare Devil, Black Panther, or Natasha Romanov?

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Episode 3: 

Set Your Goal

– Are You Unknowingly Cheating?



Episode 4: 

Communication Made Easy

– Don’t have to carry the burden of words



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