Corporate ARK – Survive & Thrive

Corporate ARK – Survive & Thrive

I started this series way back in 2011. It was more or less collection of observations and reflection. Then along the course of time had forgotten all about it till last night. In my dream, I was in the ARK, sailing for days with land in sight and I was on the deck.  Maybe, it is the high fever that reminded me of things still in WIP status in my dream.

So what exactly is a Corporate ARK? Let me begin with explaining what ARK is – ARK is Act of Random Kindness. If you have seen Evans Almighty, you would remember that was God explaining why an ARK needs to be built.

While for most of us, the professional life is a synonym of a rat race, a constant endeavor to be better, to win, climb a notch higher and for some, it is an effort to just survive. In all such places, it is easy to switch off the humanity button or in other words develop a thick skin or being indifferent. Then is it worth it? Becoming indifferent is the first step of becoming cold and heartless. Imagine a workplace where everybody is cold and heartless. Will you like to go to such a place? No! You spend 60% of your waking hours in a workplace in a typical work day, you would like that place to be warm, compassionate and humane. A workplace is made of people like you and me and what we are will define the workplace. That is the reason why we need ARK in the Corporate world more than we need it in our personal lives.

This section will keep on updating as more chapters get added.

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Till next time, take care of all around you and spread the ARK 

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