Of Customers & Customer Service

We all are customers direct or indirect. It is so common that we just do not look at it with any different than breathing. This section is dedicated to Customer Service. These are my collection of my real life experiences. One question, why is it in Professional Section. It is because Customer Service is something I feel very passionately about.  Since the #Amex days, we were tuned to think to understand what a #Customer would want before s/he realizes it. I believe in this and all my professional life, the focus in using numbers, #statistics, #analytics, #ProcessImprovement & #ProjectImplementation to help improve #CustomerExperience both #internal and/or #external to improve company’s #bottomline. Because, Darling, it is all about experience, it takes almost 12 positive experience to make up for a negative experience.

Brace Yourself as we take a Roller Coster Ride

For once Customer is Wrong!

ACT Fibernet The first experience to share is where for the First time Customer is Wrong. An interesting story of how not demanding services and not raising complaints by customers lead to #ACTFibernet’s bad connection in a particular Area #Beeramguda.
As of today, the things have changed dramatically. From uptime of 15 minutes, the average downtime in a month would be 15 minutes a month or so. It took time for them to rectify the problem, but they did once the Customers started demanding uninterrupted connection. While we think it is the company to provide service, we forget as a Customer it is our responsibilities to highlight the gaps in services and demand the best that they have promised… Read More


Asking for Tips in Hospital is Nothing Short of a Bribe

KIMS Hospital logo

What do you expect in a #Hospital apart from good #medical #Treatment – #Empathy. Not without a cause, nurses and support staff in a hospital are looked up as #angels because they help you heal, not just physically but also mentally. My recent experience in #KIMS was bad and what was worse that even after highlighting it, I did not even get an apology or email/call from KIMS. It says so much about the hospital. Perhaps, they are not aware that it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new relationship with a probability of extending new products/service is 60%-70% in existing relationships compared to 5%-20% in new relationships. Whatever said and done, this is one place, I would avoid like hell … Read More


A Tale of Two #ERs

This piece was written on July 17th. It has the hallowing experience in ER of 2 well-known hospitals in #Hyderabad. A nightmare it was and luckily I have survived to tell the tale. I do not give up, I raise a concern where I see there is a scope of #improvement. In fact, I had even asked the Customer Relationship Manager at KIMS how often Customer feedbacks are taken into account. I could not believe my ears when she said, it was once a month. The incident had long passed and so is the urgency to rectify. I told her monthly deep dive is fine, but a daily watch of quick issues must be done, with a weekly calibration and monthly deep dive of issues raised, resolved as a Quick Hit or taken up as a short-term, mid-term or long-term project. I can only imagine the appalling state of KIM Customer Service when on an average 1 of 27 customers bother to complain and still they remained silent. Well, I fall in those 91% of those customers are not willingly to conduct any further business due to an unhappy experience or service. Read More


Where Relationship Matters

continentalThis is my third piece on #hospitals. What can I say, may be it is just a troubled time. But then as they say, you get to know the best and the worst in times like this. For what is worth, the piece is proves directly what Lee resources had been explaining that if a problem is resolved for a Customer favourably, you get 70% of the business by that customer. In my case, it would be 100% when it is about selecting a hospital. Continental is about 19km from my home. It take damn 1 hour drive, but for Experience, it is worth it.  Read More


#Prioritization happens in mind first. If that fails, any external attempt at it bound to get in a #FailureMode. #ProjectManagement of #Life~K S Alok RanjanSource: www.alok.worldTweet


Coming Soon … The HUNT #BRV Failed Us, rather so miserably that we are never in our lives going to buy a #HONDA product.

Coming Soon … How Das Auto – #Volkswagen & their Dealers went out of their Way for a WOW Customer Experience.