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I have been working for last 12 years with senior leadership team (C-band). In these 12 years, I have worked with 4 companies, across 7 key profiles of MIS, WFM, Process Improvement & Business Strategies & Analytics, including almost all aspects of analysis, forecasting, Gap to Goal Analysis, Cost Optimization, Reduction of redundant or NVA, Automation, Project Management, Team & Process improvement.

Recently I have relocated to Hyderabad with my family and am looking for suitable openings.


Key Project Footprints

KeyProject Footprints

Major Project Highlights:

MIS/WFM/Business Analytics:

  • Executed and implemented automation SSMD (Green Belt) project to reduce 3 FTE per month
  • Movement of MIS team from manual reporting to semi-automatic reporting structure in Yatra
  • Designing of customized CMS Reports on AVAYA reducing the man hours by 17% and saving INR 3.5 lakhs
  • 120% increase LOBs supported and reports generated in last 1 year while the ramp up was only for 45% in team size
  • 66% improvement in the team efficiency while reduction of cost by 12% in 1 year
  • Real Time agent Adherence initiative reduced the abn% from 18% to 4%
  • Shift Optimize Model to reduce FTE under-utilization by 30% for International markets in India hub
  • Implemented automation Green Belt – IIY to reduce error & automate it. 100% automation with 0% defect
  • Automation of 966 reports in 1 year time

Process Improvement & Project Management 

  • Reduction of SLA from 48 hrs to 10 hr and then 2 hrs for Email Servicing US market
  • Core Group to create Performance Support Program to bench mark & improve Top Box Customer Satisfaction using Applied Statistics & Six Sigma Methodology
  • Improved a team struggling to increase 2700 basis points in Customer satisfaction in two months
  • Reduction of TAT for web leads from 48 hrs to 15 min
  • Customer Spending pattern analysis to improve the conversion ratio of target advertisement
  • Analysis of the driver & cause for difference between the target and goal & its impact on the budget
  • Performance Improvement through Statistical Process Control for Call Center Efficiency
  • Ground work & E2E plan for set up of Chat System for US market
  • Set up the process for FSS for Int. markets in JAPA & European Markets – Disputes

Training & Certifications:

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Learning, Leveraging, Leading

Categorizing my all that I have learned and I am still learning in my professional journey, into three main categories below: All these page have articles, infographics, worksheet,  white paper or case studies. These pages are always updated with latest Posts, Experiences, and Analysis. I am sure, you will like these collations if you feel strongly about any or all of them.

Coaching & Mentoring

The surest way to remember what is learned is to teach others. I have always enjoyed taking workshops and training. A considerable amount of weightage of 20% was on team skill development and training. I had utilized this opportunity to conduct as many training and workshops possible. Taking my passion to the next level, now I am offering training in selected few topics. Read More


Create PACE

Create PACE is series of module that focuses entirely on the individual, creating a success path using methods and techniques that would improve the efficiency & productivity. These are easy and implementable right away things that makes your work life easy. Read More


Corporate ARK 

How would we like our workplace to be – indifferent or filled with warmth of compassion? A workplace is made of people like you and me and what we are will define the workplace. That is the reason why we need ARK in the Corporate world more than we need it in our personal lives. ARK – Act of Random Kindness which may start with a genuine smile. Understand the Corporate ARK you are in, Survive and Thrive. Read More

Quick Reads on Managing Life at Work

The best way to learn is to share. My learning does not stop. This section is targetted towards the better management of life at work. From quick tips to behavior, I have tried to touch anything and everything that touched my heart and was within the #scope . Here are the few of the topics, I would like to quickly take your attention to….

Are you The Jerry Maguire?

This is a role of unsung heroes, who have paved the way for the champions. There are people and then there are #support people. People, who make all the difference between success and defeat. People who support you in your decision, who help you to reach the right one and be your honest mirror. A tribute to those thousands of selfless souls who work behind the curtains to bring you the #success. Read More

Goal Setting

If the journey of thousand steps does not begin with the first. It begins with the thought. when the thought becomes a persistent one, with logical and logistics backing it, then it becomes an actionable thought. Then the question comes about it being feasible or not. If feasible, is it apt to become a Goal? We often set goals in personal and professional lives. Some of us have a knack of  achieving all of them, some have a very low success ratio. Those with a wonderful track of getting all the goals, a question – was the target given too easy target? Why did we not challenge ourselves with a little higher bar? For the one who did miss out a lot of their goals, pause to think, if the target given too tough, was it relevant and aligned to the acquired and available skill set. This is all about Goal Setting. Read More

These were some…. there are more … take a look

Of Customers & Customer Services

Like the impressionable years, the first 5 years mold your professional thought process. I am thankful that I worked in #AmericanExpress. Working with Amex was like living the 8 Blue Box Values day in and day out, carrying those values in professional and personal lives and interaction.  They imprint the #Customer #Empathy in your DNA. And why not 70% of Customers (American) were willing to spend more with a company that provided Superior Customer Experience. Since the #Amex days, we were tuned to think to understand what a #Customer would want before s/he realizes it. I believe in this and all my professional life, the focus in using numbers, #statistics, #analytics, #ProcessImprovement & #ProjectImplementation to help improve #CustomerExperience both #internal and/or #external to improve company’s #bottomline. Because it is all about experience, it takes almost 12 positive experience to make up for a negative experience. Read More

Use of Statistics & Analysis in Real Life

If Life is nothing but a #ProjectManagement then is it a surprise that #Statistics &  Analysis are extensively used to reduce the #cost of #incorrect decisions, #Gaps in the #Process and to #improve the #Quality of #life.

Use of Statistics in Literature

I believe in maintaining a very healthy “Business Goals – Creative Pursuits” balance, which keeps both sides of brain healthy and sharp. Number crunching helps to ease writer’s block and creative writing helps to see stories underneath the numbers easily and in a new light. Swapping through the role of writer and analyst helps in improving focus to see the hidden patterns and convert the elusive numbers to a meaningful SMART storyboard that is required in my job profile. And to perhaps even the scales, Analytics helped me to understand the scope the reach and the acceptability of any literary work. It is no exaggeration that even literature and be quantified with 85% accuracy. Right from the use of Control Charts to measure the deviation of the literary work with the masters to Fox-Gunning Index to Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, this section contains these numbers that quantify literature. Read More

Analysis From As Is to POA 

From Grant Dependent to Profit Center

Educational Institutes mainly thrived on Grants. As the competition grew and market conditions became difficult, grants are becoming stringent. Emphasis is on reducing grants. In such scenario, the way out is through it. The Grant Dependent Set-Ups are to be steered to be a profit center. It is rather heartening to note that turning such set up to profit center is not an impossible task. It takes Top Down and Bottom Up Approach and at times, a mix of both with a strong #Leadership to team to turn the tides.  Read More

These were some…. there are more … take a look

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