Super-Fan Naturally

Few of the Series has such a crazy fandom as Supernatural. And I am one of the greatest fan!!! Not afraid to confess that.

This page is dedicated to Supernatural. The trivia etc. All fun side of my life.

Open Letter to Jared

Hope and Wish that you continue spreading light and touching lives with ARK – Act of Random Kindness. Read the Letter

Inspired by Supernatural

  • Searching Peace. Inspired by Dean Winchester, who keep on fighting the war he has no clue about. It is tiring and all he yearns is for a moment of peace. Carrying heavy weight on his should, he continues, Searching Peace. Written at the end of Season 8.
  • Dark Angel. A misunderstood son stands up to his father to ask, why was he punished. He is guilty of only one crime and that was love. Was love meant to be punished so severely? This is Lucifer’s anguish! Dark Angel Written at the end of Season 5.
    Will use Supernatural pictures soon for this poem…. till then enjoy this video with propriety pictures


Season Highlights

Since the Fandom grows every day, there are people who have just started watching Supernatural. A quick view to the seasons is here:

  • Season 12

(Well! After Season Finale)


On Road to Season 12

Few of the series would prompt me to do something like this. Yes, I am referring to #Supernatural. This series is #lifechanging. Seriously, if these two guys, can beat #Death, go to #Hell and back and still #KeepFighting against all odds and have each other’s back – no one else can ever give up on #life.For those who have no clue as what I am talking about – take a look at the first part of the series on #Supernatural – A fan #Tribute from #StoriesbyNaseha to amazing #storytelling.And for those, who love this series, let take a trip down the memory lanes, reliving the moments for the last 11 years, before we hit the road with Season 12.