Ruby Drops 

Reflections of a Rainbow on Ripples.

An anthology of Poems. They are cries of soul and happiness that dropped from eyes as tears. They are witness to flight of freedom and testimony of shackles. Life is but a rainbow, made of smile and tears, so is the Ruby Drops. Poems are my raw unedited emotions. Ruby Drops is also a story of struggle against depression in form of poems. It helped me to heal. It is a part of my soul and soul is not for sale. So all profit from Ruby Drops is pledged to charity to help prevent Depression.

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Featuring few stanzas of two poems here

Wishing on a Falling Star

To forget you for once in life
Is my wish on a falling star
Meet you walking down some
Desolated, mossy roads bizarre

To fall for your charm once again
As you walk humming thoughtlessly
To lose in the depth of your words
To kiss you for the first time in rain ….

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Sublime Visage

This moment,
A moment of realization.
A moment of peace.
The moment I talked to myself
In a distance sublime vista

Saw I myself, eyes red with
Night soil of dreams last night
Just before dawn, out in wetty dew.
In a red saree crumbled under the
Strains of fiery streaks of drops

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