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This section contains my Eroticas. I would try and keep it as diverse as possible, in terms of acts, psychology, and characters.  Yes, I can promise you one thing, no concept is treated as a taboo. Like free flowing air, unrestrained by any norms of society, this section can and will fringe on the unknown, unsaid and unexplored.

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“Against All Odds”

Plot – Against All Odds 

Life of a couple had changed forever. An accident had left her paralytic neck down. Her life was tied to the confined to bed, while he was loaded with work both at office and at home. Months had passed and they had never experienced an intimate moment after the accident. How long would he silently let go of his desire? How will she adapt to the new life? 1612 words story of this couple as they struggle with new life.


  • A touching, sensitive and passionate story of the depth of love and honor. You have approached a reality for some with respect on a subject rarely addressed.  You should be commended and written with style and grace.   Keep writing, you are only beginning.
  • Thanks for the read — 5 stars
  • What A Loving Read****
    love will and can overcome ANY THING, tk u
  • Dear Naseha,
    I must say, I was deeply moved by your story. Filled with love, intimacy, passion and grace as he “learns” to love his wife once again. Very compassionate story; thanks for writing it.

Read Erotica – Against All Odds

“Just in Time”

Plot – Just in Time

An erotica about two college students. A day long awaited for Firdaus and Allen just came. They have sex and then there is an accident. Is it the end of what could have been a wonderful relation? Did they escape just in time? Did the accident change the equation of their relation forever?


  • Awaiting Reviews ….

Read Erotica – Just In Time

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