Somewhere in me is a storyteller who wants to weave amazing stories and sing some spellbinding poems. The journey started late but happy that I am on the path of my heart.

My writings can be classified under three heads:

  1. Articles
  2. Poems
  3. Novels and Novellas


Articles are mainly on Professional Improvement, Business Analytics, Statistics or Corporate World with some lighter articles thrown in at times


Poems are my raw unedited emotions. Maybe writers would not recommend it, but I do not edit or revise my poems. If something touches me deep enough to make me pick my pen, then it continues till peace is found – at one go. I do not edit it because, I may not be in the same frame of mind and I do not want that my sanity should change the depth or rawness of emotions I felt then. The mistakes, if any would also reflect the flow and velocity of thoughts

Novels and Novella

I never thought I would write a Novella, let alone a Novel. I was happy with short stories. I could not muster enough courage to think about it. Then, Rubaisha happened. It was a short novella. Then True Love followed – medium size novella and now Heir. They would be out in press very soon.