Where Relationship Matters

Anybody who would have read my A Tale of Two ERs, would remember the two hospitals that were involved were #KIMS and #Continental. Feedback was given to both the #Hospitals and what followed is here:

KIMS had a simple approach. “Dump the feedback, who care what happened to the patient.” How would I know what happened? I did not even get a call to understand what went wrong. So much for somebody in a business of helping people.

The second one was #Continental. And this is what a Superior Customer Service is all about. I did not get just a courtesy call to ask about the incident.  They talked, to resolve. The complaint was taken up by all the level including the top-most. I would not expect such a gesture unless the organization has a strong focus on Customer Experience.  I would not expect anything else from a hospital of International repute and I was not disappointed. While I was recovering, my partner was taken ill. He was in a bad shape and kind of delirious. I had no one else to ask for help there. I called up Continental and asked if someone can help him, half expecting nothing to happen. I just needed somebody to guide him, but seeing his conditions, they did a lot more. I did not expect this kind of attention and care. I have no words to describe. And the best part is it is not an isolated incident. I will not dilute their effort by saying I may be lucky. I acknowledge the effort when I see it.

Recently, my mom fell ill. I could think of no other hospital than Continental. It was a smooth process. There was a problem in availability of a room, and when they saw that the risk of keeping my mom who has very low immunity and is highly prone to infections could not be kept in a twin sharing, they upgraded the room. I was not even asked to pay the differential amount. My stress level was high, I was handling my father who was recovering from high temperature and my mom who was in a delirious condition due to high fever. I had to see that they had food on time and enough liquids. In such a time, admission procedure usually takes time and requires your presence leaving the patients alone. (This is from my experience in KIMS in Hyderabad and Ashwini in Cuttack). Thankfully, like Artemis in Gurgaon, I had to do nothing. They took care of everything. I was only concentrating on my parents. Admission went smoothly, so was the discharge procedure. It was hassle free – even for Insurance case. 

The 3 days hospitalization was not bad. The best thing is people listened. There was only once that somebody had forgotten to pick up the sample, but it was promptly taken care of. The perpetual problem of not finding veins also posed a problem here, but then soon the Supervisor nurse came in the picture and the matter was handled well. The response time was good, doctors were alert and ambiance good.

When there are different people from different walks of lives are involved, there is a lot of scope of minor hiccups or communication gaps, misunderstanding or clashes of priorities, that is not a bad customer service. A bad customer service is when people do not #listen, do not learn, improvise and keep on doing what they are doing. That is when a classic case of living in fool’s paradise happen, where 80% of the Company’s think that they have delivered #Superior #Customer Experience while only 8% of Customers agree they have delivered the customer experience. In Continental, I found people listened. The focus on Relationship & Experience was there. That in my book makes all the difference. The focus on experience, the intent to improve and efforts to be better each day creates a magic called CustomerExperience or Relationships. And that my friend, I did not find lacking in Continental hospital. That is what matters most to me.