Numbers Never Lie

For a novice novelist/poet like me, I wanted to know if my work fell within the accepted range. Now I do not have a mentor here and for a person like me, who writes because I have a story to tell regardless of the current trend, sale numbers might be misleading.


There is another problem in taking sales number. Of course, I will never get a sales number for WIP novels!!! Still, if I need to check the #Quality of my #WIP #Novel or #Anthology of #Poetry, where would I go….

Here statistics came to my rescue. With Control Limits I can now see how my work compares and deviates with the best of the genre. It is not a rocket science when an algorithm can predict a best seller with 84% accuracy. This is what we term in #CorporateWorld as a #QuickHit. It would give you a direction about your writing.

The first version is for Poetry. Yes, I did it to check my first Anthology of Poems #RubyDrops. First Poems may not follow the same rules of the prose (most of the readings are created with prose in mind) I had to be sure if my work fell in the accepted range of the work by the masters.

The approach is simple, all you need to do is fill the corresponding data and then #Excel sheet is would compare your work with that of the masters, give you the visual representation also interpretation. It is an amazing tool for new writers or anybody who wants to #Check and #Improve.



An Example of the Interpretation:

Your Work Ruby Drops falls within the accepted parameter of 15.9 & 6.2 wrt to the work of these poets. 33% of the great work has greater reading difficulty than Ruby Drops While average reading ease of these writers is 11.05, 80% of writers have a target Gunning Fog index of reading ease of about 10.34


Version 1 - Poetry

Picture1 (2)Picture5Picture4(2) Picture3Picture2 (2) Picture7

You can have this #Excel sheet for #free. All you need to do is, leave a Review for #RubyDrops on #Amazon and #GoodReads and email me a snapshot. In Return email, you will get this Excel Self Driven Sheet.

See you soon,