Gunning Fog Index

Gunning Fog Index

Once an #Analyst Always an Analyst. I wanted to see if my Anthology of Poems #RubyDrops falls within the recommended range of #celebrated work of #legends. Not bad for a #debut Anthology of #Poems to rank close to #JohnClare… See for yourself Ruby Drops is well within the proven parameters

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And that is not All5 reasons to buy Ruby Drops

By the way – all the proceeding of which is pledged to #charity. That why I have put together 5 reasons why you should Please #Read #Review, & #Render #RubyDrops


Review of Ruby Drops:

I was not prepared for something like this. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions. One one hand – ‘I Opt for Curse’ is Nihilistic, ‘Sublime Visage’ celebrates being a woman, ‘Dark Angel’ is almost like a hymn, then ‘Burning Desire’ is about ambition. If ‘Scream’ is voice of Pain then ‘Companion’ is an ode to love. I have not yet completed the book, there are more poems to read, but nevertheless as much as I have read, this has left a deep impression. This does not seem a work that was planned and written for publication, it is brutally honest.

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