Open Letter to Jared Padalecki

Hi Jared,

If you are reading this it is nothing short of a miracle. (I almost feel pity for the person handling your fan-mails for mountains of fan-mails you would get on a daily basis.) I wish I could say this email is different. It is not.

I would like to gift you my book, Ruby Drops as a token of Appreciation (You should get it by 14th-27th Sep). Thank you for Supernatural, Always Keep Fighting and I am Enough,  campaign & the quotes that you share on social media. They have made a very positive impact on my life and I want you to know, you are making a difference and I am a living proof of it.

I don’t know why and how depression caught hold of me very young, I mean when I was 6 or 7. As usual, my family denied it as the mood swing, silent type or worst proud child who wants to be left alone, staring at the sky. It took me years to come out of it. It was not easy but somehow I managed to do it. And in all those years my constant companion was my journal where I used to write my poems. I got away from Depression (my partner & my best friend help me to overcome it) but I was ashamed to acknowledge it. I would deny it. I felt it was a proof of my weakness. Then I started watching Supernatural. Two things that I took away from Supernatural are:

  • If Sam & Dean can carry on, how could I give up! Never Give Up
  • Never be ashamed or embarrassed of the scars or pain or what is perceived as weakness. It is a living testimony of the strength.

Then your Campaign Never Give Up came. It touched me. I too want to do my bit, how so ever small it may be. So, I took out the journal that was so nicely and carefully hidden for 30 years and I got it published as an anthology of poems – Ruby Drops. In an attempt to give back I have pledged all proceeding of Ruby Drops to

Once again, I would like to Thank you for touching lives in so many ways. Hope and Wish that you continue spreading light and touching lives with ARK – Act of Random Kindness.

Eternally Grateful,

Ruby Drops link:

Cover - Back and Front of Ruby Drops