Asking for Tips in Hospital is Nothing Short of a Bribe

I don’t know but there is something in me which hates the concept of a bribe in any form, especially in hospitals. I had an interesting incident in #KIMS hospital in #Hyderabad.

I don’t know if I would laugh or cry about the small incident that happened in ER of KIMS. I was taken to radiology department from #ER. I was way to weak and had to be taken in a wheel-chair. I felt so strange that the lady who was assigned the job to take me from one department to another for the radiology test, on the way back was asking for tips!

Was I on a vacation, in a resort that I was to tip her? For all those advocating the poor lady who can barely meet her end, I would say, please understand it is not the question of money, it is about paying extra to get extra attention. Are you demanding an extra tip for doing your job? Or do you demand extra money from the customer’s (internal or external) that you interact to prioritize them? Or let me ask you a difficult question, think a loved one of your has checked into ER in a hospital with condition deteriorating per minute. (God forbid this scenario for anybody. Please keep everybody safe, healthy and happy.Amen) You are still on the way to reach ER, your patient is barely in senses and there is another patient (who is in much better condition by comparison) and is tipping these ladies. And whenever any other patient call is tied up with this person, they prioritize that person. They reach your patient 5 min late every time your patient calls for help. Will that be acceptable to you?

What really upset me was this hospital staff was only concern about making extra money ignoring royally the patient’s condition. Am I suppose to pay extra to get her instant attention? Logically, if I pay tips to her, she would prioritise me to the other patients in ER who would be in quicker need of service. Somehow this does not agree with me. In hospitals, giving or asking for a tip is nothing less than a bribe. Did not expect it in #KIMS Hyderabad #kondapur branch.