A Tale of Two #ERs

Last two weeks had been my journey to hell and back. Wow, it has been 2 weeks, somehow I can feel only 1 week had passed. I can barely remember the transition of the day. Is it so that the time flows at a different rate in hell?

I remember on Monday, I had a mild fever with hyperacidity and  pain in stomach. Monday slipped to Tuesday but by evening fever had brought in a friend, diarrhoea. None of the generic medicines worked. By morning, I was rushed to #Continental Hospital #Hyderabad, #Emergency.

All samples were taken and the doctor administered glucose to rehydrate me. I was told if there would be an infection then I would need to get admitted, else I could go home.

Though I could feel some energy flowing back in my body with the drip, I still felt the same in my stomach. Same symptoms and pain. I insisted on knowing if he had given anything to stop diarrhoea, which was dehydrating me.  He insisted that the glucose (3-4) bottles that he had administered would cure diarrhoea in 3 hours to 3 days. It would be a natural cure. He confirmed that there was no infection and if I wanted I could go home or I could get admitted if I was nervous, although there was no need for it. When a doctor confirms you thrice, that there is no infection and you can walk out of ER whenever you want, what will you do, you would feel good that there is no problem, just follow the diet and rest and you would be good. That was exactly what I did.

Just because the patient has the courage to smile does not mean that her condition could be any less serious!

I was wrong in trusting the doctor. From evening my condition deteriorated, and early in the next morning, the day of Eid, I was rushed to #ER. OPD was in operation in the morning hours, so I would again go to ER. Somehow I lacked the trust to go to #ContinentalER again. I was afraid of my deteriorated condition.

Here I would add, I have seen a couple of doctors in Continental (in total had interacted with 8 doctors there, for different patients. I am the first choice to be an attendant for any patient in my family and extended family. They think I can handle hospital situations very well and somehow get the patient right kind of treatment.) Except for the #Urologist and this ER doctor, all have been good.

So my experience with #KIMS #ER started. The doctor on duty responded quickly. Since the test was conducted just 24 hours earlier, I requested them to refer to that as well while conducting the newer test. They did not waste time in waiting for the samples. They confirmed looking at the #Continental’s report that there was an infection which was the reason for diarrhoea. And the treatment started immediately.

Will take you down the memory lane for a minute. Back at #Cuttack doctors, and nurses had a lot of problems finding my veins to draw blood or for administrating drip. Never in my memory, I remember a situation where the needle was inserted first and then moved to draw blood. I still shiver at the memory. I don’t understand how the nurses in #Gurgaon be it #Artemis or #MAX, were able to get blood in the very first prick almost painlessly in comparison.  Are nurses from #Kerela more #empathatic and concern about doing things correctly that just to do it?

Okay, back to the nurse. I told her that there might be a problem in finding the veins, so first, locate the veins and then get the needle. That my standard disclaimer that I always told nurses and back at Gurgaon, most of the thanked me saying that it became easier for them to get the right veins, painlessly. At #KIMS this great nurse brushed everything aside saying, it is expected to hurt when a needle is pricked. (Enlightenment! I never knew this did I. Am I am sure, you too never knew this.) What followed was an absolute horror. From injection to sample collection, everything was damned painful. She said, that for other patients, she administered an injection in seconds while for me she took special care to take double the time. My veins had turned swollen, I could not move my hand. It was then I refused to let her nurse me. Her supervisor then attended me and I never felt any pain of injection or while giving the blood sample.

Oh! I missed one more thing about this #FlorenceNightingale. Did I tell you that she refused to share with me the test for which she needed the blood samples? She simply said the doctor can tell me about the test that would be done. I asked for doctor thrice. Then this lady comes in waving a form at my partner saying, “Autograph please”. Thank God, that he seldom signs without reading. The form had a declaration that the patient is refusing treatment and does not want any samples to be collected and in not co-operating.

He refused to sign the absolute lie and asked to speak to the doctor. And then later when my partner asked the doctor about the treatment, the doctor told that the nurse had informed him that the patient had refused any treatment or sample collection. Is asking for which test are to be done, refusing treatment? I have no clue what was in her head.

Nevertheless, my partner explained the situation to the doctor. Thankfully, the doctor understood. I must add here, the meds that he prescribed, had started its effect in less than an hour. Still, I was far from normal, I had to be admitted.

I waited for 8 hours in ER to get a room. Then the next night the AC stopped working and it was whole lot suffocating. Again after 8 hours, when I asked them to transfer me to another hospital if they can’t find a room with AC, they assigned me to another room which was for another department. One thing, rules are good, but what is the sense of keeping a room locked while a patient is suffocating, and is without AC. I understand that the room reserved was for Cardio patient. God forbid if somebody needed that room, who would be the devil not to shift to another room for a critical case?  Anyway, the night passed and in the morning thankfully, I was shifted to my room from where in the late afternoon, I was discharged.

I came back home with 2 ugly looking 3 inches bruises, black with in bleeding, and a swollen hand due to drip. It has been 2 weeks, the swelling and bruises are still staring at me, they seem to reduce at a snail pace. That is all I can type for now, but as I say bye for now, let me add that every new city tries to kill me and maybe that is the reason I stay few more years in a city than what I initially plan. But that is the Story for some other day.

Be healthy, Love and Live…