For once Customer is Wrong!

I recently shifted from Gurgaon to Hyderabad. Let me not go through the reasons, (it is in the post – we part as friends). This blog is about accepting a new city.

In 60 days that I spent in this city, I have been to 2 interviews. One thing that was common in both the interviews was me being told to forget what Gurgaon had and accept Hyderabad as it is. Adapt to the culture. Accept the way of life and do not expect the things that happened in Gurgaon to happen in Hyderabad. Twice in 60 days is a trend, so thought of sharing.

I moved to a new city just to feel and accept life in a different way. I just love to the absorb new culture and I do learn a lot from every new place that I have been to but that does not mean I would compromise in my expectation for the level of Customer Service. Culture and Service levels are two entirely different concept.


Let me share an example of ACT broadband. When I came here, I was delighted to find ACT broadband which had very good speed. I got it installed the next day. Imagine my horror when every day for hours together, I would get a good signal but no internet access. For 30 days, every day I would be on call (mind you, my phone is still not ported in, think about the expense I an incurring). The excuses began that may be there is no electricity in your area or in server location. Hello, I have an inverter and my router gets 24/7 electricity and if your server does not have one then, it is your problem, not mine, which you got to fix. After the 15th time, they understood that this excuse would not work.

After 30 days, I took to twitter and finally ACT realized that I don’t give up easy. They thought of cross checking my story. I live in 209, and 206 also has an ACT connection. They check with them if they also face the same problem. The answer was yes. Finally, my truth was validated.

In next 20 days, they checked each and every component in the line from their junction boxes to their cables. They had to change their cables. God knows since when the cables were damaged. Do I hold ACT responsible? Not entirely! They did change the cable (thought after 50 days, yes! since last 10 days, there is no disconnections), but what I find weird is the people in this area, did not feel the need to follow up to get the service that they should be getting. They find it is okay to wait for the internet connectivity to return on its own accord.

If the service provider is not prompt, either the customers are lazy or they are drawing their salary from Govt and they have no performance matrix. Either way, what excuse does a customer has for not demanding the services s/he should get?

I do not settle for less. I only accept things that would make life better. When I give my best and each day I try to be better than the previous day, I would not accept slow and taken for granted services. I will keep on pushing as a customer for what I should get. That is me, being me, just unapologetic me!

Painful, maybe, irritating, at times, tiring, yes, but then I am not looking for a comfort zone, I am looking for a life where every moment something happens and I know I am one of the catalysts in making things move from status quo to better pace and place.