I am going to play Cupid this Valentine …

Love is always a two-way road. I got a lot of love in form of your likes, shares, and interaction on by page “Stories by Naseha” This Valentine Day, thought of doing something just for you… I would play Cupid for you.

Poems have always been a medium to express love. Playing Cupid, we will flash your messages on our website and page and dedicate a romantic poem for your loved ones.

Dedicated to Maya by Gaurav       Dedicated to Maya by Gaurav 2      Dedicated to Maya by Gaurav 3  Dedicated to Maya by Gaurav 4        Dedicated to Maya by Gaurav 5Let me play CupidDedicated to Amitabh by Atoshi 3Dedicated to Amitabh by Atoshi 4Dedicated to Amitabh by Atoshi 5Dedicated to Amitabh by AtoshiDedicated to Alok