We Part As Friends

On Move

I have not traced my genealogy but I am sure, I would have some of gypsy or nomad blood in me. Or I have inherited some characteristics from my element, air which can never be static in a place for long. How else would I explain the craving to start and explore life in new place? I would not try to explain why I have an intense desire to move to a new place and start a new life. I would leave that question for some day else. Today is the story of Gurgaon.

Coming to Gurgaon was more of an accident. Alok and I landed in Noida, with a night shift! Let me add here, that parting with Cuttack was not on a happy note. We wanted to escape from Cuttack and then luckily Gurgaon happened, out of the blue.

12565509_942642039117898_1264815638242134926_n Alok used to travel to one end of Delhi and me to Gurgaon for our training. (How we landed up with jobs that we had no idea about is again an interesting story but for another day.) The night would pass in voice and accent training and then process training. I would wait for the last break which was around 5:30am. Instead of going to cafeteria, I would walk out of the building to feel the dawn of June on my skin. I had never seen morning so beautiful. Unlike Cuttack here, the Sun would slowly climb the sky, the light veil of fog embracing the air would vanish like slow kiss of a lover departing on a long journey. 15 minutes would fill me up with dreams and I would wait for 7:30am. I fell in love with the mornings of Gurgaon. I persuaded Alok to move to Gurgaon against logic given in favor of Delhi.

Never have I regretted that decision. There was hardship and learning. There was a point when we had to return to our home town to recover from serious health problems. Our brain said that the relationship with Gurgaon has ended for good. But when are we to listen to our brain. Our hearts rule our life. We returned on a cold afternoon of November 5th2002 to Gurgaon.

Time started moving forward and we adapted to this new city, love it, respected it and in return the city accepted us with whole heart. The city and us became partners in growth and development and years began to pass.

The 7 years itch was unnoticed but as 10th year approached, a feeling that my time in the city was nearing its end. Everything seemed to suggest the same, the Sun looked to familiar, it became a replica of Cuttack, roads held no surprise, malls could no longer hold my interest, there was no newness in fresh collection or sale, and there was always a similar conversations in any group, (It was so predictable that I could run the entire conversation in my head before the conversation started and it would be 90% accurate). What more, things began to fall apart. Everything I knew was crumbling. My desperation was getting to a peak. I was trying to find all possible reasons to leave Gurgaon and nothing happened and two years passed.

Slowly, I began accepting the fate, looking at things with different perspective. I did not give up on my efforts, and I had left complaining 4 years ago but then I realized acceptance was incomplete without stoicism and faith. And then at the lowest point of our lives, we found a new beginning. Gurgaon which had turned hostile again started smiling at us again. I got back what mattered for me the most, my Faith.

12552718_942642025784566_3818347724856681806_n2015 passed with a possibility of moving out of Gurgaon. It was a choice between comfort zone and new life. We opted for the later.

What is more exciting than new life? Few years from now, I would again be looking at Hyderabad and wondering when I would move again. I have tasted Now I know that for sure. I cannot be pinned down to one place. I have one life to live but thirst to experience countless ones. And moving from one place to another is a chance to live a different life. It is my chance to explore life one again, to discover and rediscover, learn and unlearn and look at the life again with a new perspective. (And now I have bitten this forbidden fruit and have tasted this addiction.)

But then it means leaving Gurgaon. I am not feeling sad. I would miss Gurgaon. For the first time in many years, I can understand the difference between ‘missing’ and ‘feeling sad’.  Gurgaon has been a friend for last 14 years, and friends we have grown together, smiled, cried, fought, patched up, forgave, forgot, and enjoyed the roller-coaster ride.

In matter of few days, I would be leaving Gurgaon. But this time I would be parting as friends.Well!!! I am late in posting this. Yesterday on 23rd Jan 2016, we left Gurgaon, and we parted as old friends forever.