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Somewhere in me is a storyteller who wants to weave amazing stories and sing some spellbinding poems. The journey started late but happy that I am on the path of my heart.



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My Latest Poem:

I Opt for Curse

Here I stand to be judged,
Not a word would I speak in my defense

My persecutor, should me my witness, My Jury,
And my Judge, be Him who accused me

If my Love is not enough, I opt for Curse of Hell
But will love You in imperfect way I know, the way You created me

For every rule that I broke, I followed my heart
The same heart where You whisper sometimes

If that heart is so dark, filled with evil
How can You live there, I sure did feel You

Is submission is all You want?
Is obedience greater than love?

My heart does not agree to it. Had it been so,
Resonating hymns of Angels, praying, carved in obedience

Would have touched your heart, satisfied Your soul
Yet, You looked for more. Carved me from Clay, Fire, & Water

Sparkling tasteless water became sweeter but muddy
The Fire that burned brightly now glows with different hues

You looked and smiled at the imperfection that You created
Valued it over the perfect beings of submission and duty

You created me with imperfection, my imperfections are me
My submission is flawed, obedience has a mind of its own

The only perfect imperfection I have is my heart that beats for You
Each moment I breathe, I talk to You. I don’t know what a prayer is

Gave me wings, I want to soar the sky, taste the clouds, raindrop, and the sun
I would fall at time and rise once again to feel the sky You have created

Why do I need to live in a cage of rules that I do not understand, nor my heart does
In cage, I would be safe from the Eagles and Hawks, but I would taste the firmament

Maybe my wings would be burnt in Sun, broken to pieces in tornado
Still satisfied that I felt Your Love, touched Your Creation, Felt You in All of them

Chain me no more to rules of obedience. Defiant, I am not
But I follow whispers of my heart. A place where You live

As imperfect as I am, my Love is all that I have
Which I would keep offering You, that  is my obedience

If my Love is not enough, I opt for Curse of Hell
But will love in the flawed way I know, the way You created me

Sans all chains, sans all rules, sans all distance and formalities
My love is wild, free, feeling You in me, and in every entity I see

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Wishing on a Falling Star

To forget you for once in life
Is my wish on a falling star
Meet you walking down some
Desolated, mossy roads bizarre

To fall for your charm once again
As you walk humming thoughtlessly
To lose in the depth of your words
To kiss you for the first time in rain ….

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Sublime Visage

This moment,
A moment of realization.
A moment of peace.
The moment I talked to myself
In a distance sublime vista

Saw I myself, eyes red with
Night soil of dreams last night
Just before dawn, out in wetty dew.
In a red saree crumbled under the
Strains of fiery streaks of drops

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Coming Soon – Novella of Unrealized Love – Rubaisha